Logo Design.

Professional Branding for Manchester.

Our expert Designers in Manchester take the time to understand your business needs. They're Brand Specialists and will construct a unique logo which instantly attracts your target audience and meets your requirements perfectly.

Our effective logo design process

Perfect for Startup Companies

  • 6 Initial Concepts
  • 4 Revision Rounds
  • 1 Redraw
  • Completed in 5 working days
  • Unique composition
  • Deal with Artists Directly

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Great Value for SMEs

  • 12 Initial Concepts
  • 6 Revision Rounds
  • 1 Redraw
  • Completed within 8 working days
  • Unique composition
  • Deal with Artists Directly

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For Corporations & Packaging

  • 18 Initial Concepts
  • Unlimited Revision Rounds
  • 1 Redraw
  • Completed within 10 working days
  • Unique composition
  • Deal with Artists Directly

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Give Your Company the Look It Deserves.

We ensure that your professionally designed brand becomes a sign by which people can relate to your company, and in time becomes a symbol of trust.

We deliver the highest quality designs at the lowest prices in Manchester. If you're not satisfied with the result, our team will start from scratch. We're Perfectionists and we'll settle for nothing less than delivering the best.

Free Expert Branding with Your New Website.

Free Logo Design

If you commission us to create your website, we'll complement this with a free logo design service. Just a little something from us to help you grow your business.

To take advantage of our offer, please select one of our Website Packages or get a free Quote now.

100% Custom Branding Concepts.

Give your business a competitive lead with a professional custom logo from WebPact. Our Graphic Design Team includes creative brand experts to ensure your new branding speaks positively to your customers and prospects alike.

Your company will look stronger and better established, leading to increased credibility and confidence from your clients about your products or services. See our creations in our portfolio.

Proud to Serve Businesses in Manchester.

We are proud to offer high quality Design Service in Manchester. Once you commission us to develop your new logotype, our creators will send you numerous initial concepts within 2 business working days. When you're happy with a concept which you feel reflects your brand best, they'll begin the process of refinement. Once you're 100% satisfied with the results, they will send you the completed product in all the formats you'll ever require.

Review More Designs in Our Portfolio.

Logo design examples

Above are some of the most recent trademarks that we have created. If you want to see more, please visit our Portfolio.

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