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The difference between a CMS & Web CMS.

Although the terms CMS and Web CMS are used reciprocally, there is a distinction.

A CMS refers to any Content Management System, whether electronically based or not. An examples of a traditional Content Management System is the structure and organisation of books in a library. In terms of the computer world, a CMS may refer to a Document Sharing software used internally within an organisation.

A Web CMS (also known as a Web Content Management System) on the other hand, is a web-based software that keeps track of web pages, media and so on within your Website. A Web CMS is hugely appealing for website owners as it allows them to add, edit, store and delete content on their website without much technical knowledge.

WebPact's Content Management System.

Being a Web Design Company, WebPact's Content Management System is a Web Content Management System.

Our simple to use Web CMS allows you to easily create a website with an unlimited number of pages. Furthermore, it allows you to upload and use images and videos to your website without the need of a Web Designer, making content management for your site an efficient process.

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