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Are you planning to set up your own business? Or are you looking to improve the identity of your business?

If so, then there 3 marketing items that are necessary.

1: Professional Logo Design.

The first is a logo design. A logo is the basis of your business's identity so it is vital to have a logo created at a professional level if you wish to build a professional identity for your company or business.

2: Business Card Design.

The second is business cards. An impressive business card featuring your new logo is perfect for impressing clients at exactly the right moment.

3: Business Website.

The third is a Business website. Many people go online to find products and services that are local, national or even international. A new website featuring your professional logo will certainly make your business far more appealing to potential clients and customers.

The essential marketing package

Having noted the necessities for marketing in today's business environment, WebPact have put together the perfect web design package for small to medium sized businesses that wish to portray their own businesses in a professional light so as to be more appealing to their potential clients and customers.

The essential marketing package includes:

  • Professional logo design for your business
  • business card design
  • Professional 3 page website
  • Free website domain registration and hosting for 1 year

For further information or to place your order please call or email us.

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