About Us

“To work in partnership with businesses to offer them highly profitable design, at cost-effective prices.”

(Webpact Mission Statement)

We take a completely principled approach to how we do business; we won’t settle for anything less.

When listening to our Clients’ design requirements for example, we advise them on the most cost-effective way for them. When prospective clients must choose between several web design quotes from different companies, we will help them choose the best quote objectively. Even if the best quote is not from us.

Keeping Costs Low.

WebPact aim to offer lower prices for work of a high quality. We accomplish this by keeping our overheads low and passing our savings onto our Customers.

One of the main ways in which we do this is by not having a ‘Bricks and Mortar’ office; we all primarily work from home (even pre-lockdown). This means that we don’t have to pay for overheads like rent and energy costs; costs which are normally passed on to customers.

This ensures that we can always keep our prices low, whilst still maintaining a high level of communication between ourselves and customers.

Our Pact with You.

WebPact’s purpose is to build a strong, healthy relationship with all our customers.

We highly value your participation and company. We’ll always keep in touch and keep you updated throughout your product’s life cycle; from initial planning, to implementation, maintenance and beyond.

Our Professional Designers and Developers don’t stop working until you are completely satisfied with the results. They love what they do and ensure that you’re just as happy with the final piece as they are whilst developing it.